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What We Do

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What We Do

As a public charitable organization, Tilova for Africa relies on donations from people like you to save lives and create a brighter future. If you are able to contribute, please visit our Donate page

You can make two types of donations:

  1. Open Donations: Your Open Donation will help us perform life-changing work in Africa, starting in Nigeria, on issues like poverty, education, HIV/AIDS and the persecution of LGBT+ and other groups. (Learn more below).
  2. Designated Donations: From feeding a family to putting a child through school, your Designated Donation will support one of the humanitarian programs described on our Initiatives and Campaigns page (visit the page to learn how).


Your Open Donation will make a difference in the following critical areas.

CHILDHOOD MALNUTRITION: Millions of African children die annually from starvation. Poverty, corruption and drought have brought the humanitarian food crisis to unprecedented levels. Our deep knowledge of Africa and experience partnering with communities enables us to deliver aid where other organizations fail to reach. 

HEALTHCARE: from HIV/AIDS to mental illness, we bring health and hope to individuals and families. 

  • Basic needs: Many African schools lack facilities for hand-washing and fail to teach basic hygiene. Despite treatments being available, diarrhea claims upwards of 480,000 children under age five annually. Your gift will support health missions to deliver medicine, immunizations, mosquito nets, clean water and more. 
  • Mental health: You can help us address three primary causes of mental health disparity in Africa: poverty, stigma and disease. 
    • Poverty. Research has shown that people struggling to survive are more susceptible to problems with their mental health. 
    • Stigma. Mental illness is a taboo topic in many African cultures. Fearing discrimination and persecution, families often hide members who are suffering.
    • Disease. Only 3% of Nigeria’s health budget goes toward mental health. Our professional volunteer counselors offer free services, while working to change public perception. We’re also making headway encouraging leaders to invest in crisis and suicide assistance hotlines, and more.

HIV/AIDS ADVOCACY: Healthcare scarcity, misinformation and stigma continue to fuel Africa’s HIV/AIDS epidemic, with the disease remaining the fourth leading cause of death. This massive loss of life inhibits economic opportunity and leaves millions of children orphaned. Meanwhile, the afflicted are afraid to declare their positive status or seek treatment, thus perpetuating the cycle.

We partner to provide support, healthcare, education and parenting assistance to patients and their families. By fighting stigma and advocating for the affected, we encourage people to test and seek treatment.

FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHTS OF LGBT+ PEOPLE: Discrimination and violence against LGBT+ communities are rampant, with anti-LGBT laws and attitudes in full force. In April 2022 alone, the online publication Them reported that four gay men were murdered in South Africa in less than a month.

Meanwhile LGBT+ persons, especially HIV positive men, struggle to access healthcare. The same discrimination prevents most LGBT+ individuals from obtaining gainful employment. In South Africa, for instance, gender nonconforming, gay or bisexual men earn on average 30 percent less than gender conforming heterosexual men, and experience higher rates of suicide, rape and violence.

We are committed to repealing homophobic and transphobic laws, building inclusive communities and ensuring all individuals' health and human rights through legal action and advocacy. Your support will make a difference in this fight.

ABOLISHING THE CASTE SYSTEM: Caste systems in Africa lump people into groups based on heritage, fueling discrimination and oppression. The negative impacts range from psychological to financial, and even violence. 

Tilova for Africa is at the forefront of the fight to abolish these systems and restore human dignity. Your donation will support our mission to bring equal rights to all.

Designate Your Donation 

Visit our Initiatives and Campaigns page to learn even more ways your support can help—such as by feeding families and educating children.