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About Us


Our mission is to provide as much help as possible to the neediest in Africa in areas such as poverty alleviation, healthcare and education as well as advocate for the abolition of the criminalizing, stigmatization and persecution of certain minority groups based on their sexual orientations (LGBTQ communities), disease states (HIV/AIDS patients) and caste system.

We strive to reinvent charity by making it more personal, evidence based, effective and fulfilling to both givers and recipients. Our approach is different in the sense that we provide a platform through which anybody can participate in his or her preferred way to help us achieve these goals. Donors through our organization are availed the opportunity to choose exactly how they want their donations to be used and allowed to supervise the usage if they so desire. We give interested donors the opportunity of enjoying the satisfaction of knowing how and where exactly their donations are used and when the help is targeted to certain organizations or individuals, donors can reach out to establish relationships with such recipients if they so desire.

Therefore, in addition to accepting donations generally to accomplish our set goals, we welcome individuals and organizations that have personal interest in Africa and wish to help in specific ways to partner with us so that we can provide the support and logistics to facilitate the actualization of such programs.

Ultimately our idea is to create a dating site of charity where people can swipe to find a match to the kinds of helps they need or want to give, a type of marketplace of charity where givers and recipients can access each other. 

 Recognizing our geographic location and the power dynamic inherent to being an international funder, we are utilizing our founder's deep understanding of Africa, its people and culture to pinpoint where help is needed most and how best to render it to achieve maximum results. Our approach centers around the provision of charity and advocacy grounded in human rights, social justice and solidarity.

At Tilova for Africa we strive to take charity beyond provision of financial and material assistance to commitment to relationship building with recipients through field representatives, roundtable discussions, comprehensive reporting, and community participation all geared towards assuring that help in its totality is provided to those that need it the most.

Join us so that we can work together to become the mouthpiece of the voiceless and the oppressed.