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What We Do


Giveaways are tools we utilize to engage the masses and bring awareness to the causes we pursue. We ask educative questions on our website and social media platforms that shed lights on the issues that matter to us, we then implore followers to submit answers. Winning answers are selected, and winners receive instant cash prizes. These questions are intended to educate our audience on topics related to HIV/AIDS, LGBT and caste system. We have categorized our giveaways into the followings:

 Uber Bonanza.

This giveaway comes from the proceeds of Martins rideshare efforts and will be consistent, 

Destiny helpers galore.

This is the type of giveaway where a sponsor decides to participate by providing the cash prize. Such sponsors we addressed as destiny helpers.

Munachi award.

This give away is exclusively for kids and prizes come from Munachi's fund-raising activities for the charity.

Osinachi Scholarship.

This giveaway is exclusively for kids and prizes come from Osinachi's fund-raising efforts.

Mr. white memorial.

This giveaway is in memory of Late Mr. F. O. Nwabueze.



Giveaways format

We will endeavor to make the giveaways happen on consistent basis, but the consistency will depend on the availability of funds.

Questions will be closed ended requiring a " YES " or "NO" answers.  Respondents can give answers to a question as many times as they want and the more answers one submits to a particular question the higher the chances of winning since winning answers will be picked randomly. Participants are required to follow us on our Facebook page where winners will be announced. Everybody is allowed to participate since the aim of the giveaways is to raise awareness. There is no limit to the number of times participants can participate or win and we encourage people to participate as often as possible so that together we can raise awareness to these very important issues.

Though the questions will be closed ended, and yes or no answers will be required. We shall give a detailed answer as our response to further explain the topic in question so that the public will learn more about the topic. These explanations will be given by experts in whatever field the questions come from. 

The questions and answers will be made available here so that participants can refer to our website when they are not sure of the answers. When these questions are asked, winners will be announced after some days to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to participate. Cash prizes will be paid out to winners within hours of the announcements of winners. Winners will be announced on our fakebook page.