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What We Do

Initiatives & Campaigns

There are more ways you can help than we can even name. For donors who browsed the Our Work page, and would like to make an Open Donation, please do so by clicking here.

To see your donation put to use in a specific way, please consider contributing to one of the following Initiatives and Campaigns:

Sponsor a Child

Connect and build a relationship with a child from Nigeria. Exchange letters and photos, plus receive regular updates. Visits can also be arranged. Your gift will provide food, healthcare and education. Sponsors will receive school and graduation photos. 

To donate, click here.

  • Nursery sponsorship: For $35 a month or $420 annually, sponsor a child from birth to six years old.
  • Elementary sponsorship: Sponsor a child from age six to 12 for $35 a month or $420 annually.
  • Secondary sponsorship: Sponsor a child from age 12 to 18 for $49 a month or $588 annually.
  • College sponsorship: Sponsor a child/young adult from age 18 to 22 for $99 a month or $1,188 annually.

Feed a Child or Family

Select from one of the following food plans. You will receive photos with a handwritten message from the people your generous gift helps to feed. To make a gift, click here.

  • Feed a child in Nigeria for one month: $25
  • Feed a child for one year: $250
  • Feed a family of five for one month: $100
  • Feed a family for one year: $1,000

Other Sponsorship Projects

Large donors can make community-wide impacts that span generations. See the following options and estimated costs below. Tilova for Africa will contact you and work closely to carry out your vision. We will proudly name any of these projects in honor of your gift and charitable legacy. 

To contact us with your own project idea, click here. To initiate a donation, fill out our donation form.


  • Build a 50-student elementary or high school classroom in Nigeria: $30,000
  • Build an elementary or high school library: $50,000
  • Build and equip a 20-bed hospital ward: $75,000
  • Build an orphanage with the resources to be independently run for 10 years: $100,000
  • Sponsor a one-week health mission that will include immunizations, education, diagnostic tests and treatment of acute conditions, as well as an initiation of treatment of chronic conditions: $10,000
  • Sponsor a one-month LGBT+ awareness mission: $5,000
  • Sponsor a one-month HIV/AIDS awareness mission: $10,000
  • Sponsor a one-month OSU caste system awareness mission: $5,000